After Acting Erratically for Months Son Fatally Stabs Father

Justin Louis Taylor, 27, of Avalon Park, Florida.

It's a story that has played out time and again, and could be painted into any community in any state; a child begins to act uncharacteristically until a fatal event transpires.


This time, it was a home in Avalon Park, Florida, and the players were 27 year old Justin Taylor and his father, 61 year old Louis Taylor.


Justin has had two cases involving domestic abuse in his past.  The most recent charge, from 2018, was dropped.


According to the affidavit on file, Justin, who has a history of drug addiction, has never been diagnosed as having any mental illness.  According to his mother, Jane Taylor, he had been acting erratically for about three months.  This culminated when he called her around noon on Saturday the 19th of October, crying, and talking about the Illuminati.


She told authorities that she informed her son that she would come over to the residence, which she had recently moved out of because her estranged husband was an alcoholic, to visit with him.


When Jane arrived at the residence around 3 that afternoon, she found a trail of blood leading to Louis' bedroom where she found him sitting against his bed with clear signs of trauma to his abdomen.  She immediately called 911, and then placed a call to one of her son's friends to inquire about his whereabouts.


The friend reported that she had picked Justin up from the residence several hours before, and that he'd had a cut on his hand.  She returned him to the residence where law enforcement placed him in handcuffs and then into the back of one of the cruisers. According to the affidavit, his hand was still bleeding so he was transported for medical care before being taken to the police station.


The friend told authorities that Justin had been speaking oddly saying, "they all have to pay," and that it was "the end of the world."


The affidavit further states that after being read his Miranda rights, Justin admitted to stabbing his father in the abdomen several times with a kitchen knife "because some unknown force had made him."


Louis was declared dead at the scene, and his son, Justin was charged with second degree murder. He is being held without bond.  His next court date was not available.