Accused child killer beaten by inmates

Accused child killer Jorge Barahona was beaten by five inmates while he slept on the night of March 1 in the Miami-Dade county jail where he has been housed while awaiting trial.


The five inmates responsible, ranging in ages between 20 and 29 reportedly attacked 53-year-old Barahona due "to the nature of his pending charges."


The attack was not caught by the surveillance cameras because the inmates tampered with the camera according to the police report filed by Miami-Dade Detective Cheick Kaba.


Barahona is said to have sustained facial bruising, a nosebleed, and a small laceration on his nose. The five men that attacked him have all been charged with battery.


Barahona's trial was scheduled to begin in April 2020 but was delayed due to the coronavirus. It has yet to be rescheduled.


As reported earlier, in February 2020 his wife, 69-year-old Carmen Barahona pleaded guilty to first degree murder and aggravated child abuse charges. As a part of the plea deal, she is expected to testify against her husband and in so doing, will receive a sentence of life in prison.


Barahona faces the death penalty if convicted of the 2011 death of Nubia Barahona.


Nubia and her twin brother Victor were initially placed in the Barahona home as fosters but were later adopted by the couple.


The case concerning Nubia rocked the Department of Children & Families after it was revealed that school employees had repeatedly reported signs of abuse to the tip hotline, but it seemed as though nothing was ever done.  Eventually, Nubia and her twin brother Victor were pulled out of school.


On February 14, 2011 Nubia's chemical soaked body was found in the back of Barahona's trick along an interstate in Palm Beach County. Victor, who was found in the cab of the truck also covered in chemicals, was eventually awarded a $5 million settlement from the state.