7-year-old killed as a part of occult ritual in India


Saturday evening an unnamed 7-year-old girl went missing from outside her home in Bhadras village in Ghatampur Kotwali.  She was found dead the following morning missing several vital organs.


Police were not willing to immediately attribute the death to an occult ritual despite the fact that it fell on Diwali night.  "We are investigating the case from all possible angles," the police said, concerning the possibility that the girl could have been mailed by animals.


"Her body was in a badly mutilated state," SSP/DIG Dr Preetinder Singh said according to the Times of India. "Police have shifted the body to a mortuary for an autopsy to ascertain the exact cause of death."


Earlier today, however, news that four people were arrested in connection to the girl's death broke through The Indian Express.

A couple and two young men, nephews of the husband, have allegedly confessed to their parts in the murder as a part of a tantric ritual.


The couple reportedly paid the two young men Rs 1,500, (approximately $20 USD) for he deed.


“The uncle and his wife said they were unable to have a child since their wedding in 1999 and believed that eating the girl’s liver will help them have a child,” Singh said. “Both men were inebriated – they took the girl, sexually assaulted her before cutting her body open and bringing her liver to their uncle.”


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is aware of the crime and has taken to Twitter to assure that the case will be fast-tracked so that the accused are punished swiftly.



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