15 Year Old Tells Police, “I Killed the Old Lady, and I’m Sorry.”

Heavenly Arroyo, 15, appeared in court on Monday, October 7th.


Sunday evening, a little after 5 pm, Fall River, Massachusetts police responded to a second floor apartment on Johnson Street.


Inside, they located an unresponsive Ana Vazquez, 68, on the floor of her bedroom with multiple stab wounds.  She was transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 5:58 pm.  The chief medical examiner is now performing an autopsy.


Heavenly Arroyo, 15, is said to have moved into the Johnson street apartment about two weeks ago.  She had previously been residing in Rochester, New York with one of her parents.  Her other parent is said to live in Georgia.


Also residing in the apartment was Vazquez's grandson who is said to have been the one to call 911.  According to the arrest report, he told police that he had been playing video games when Arroyo told him that his grandmother was on the floor of her bedroom.


Police recovered blood stained clothing and a knife from a dumpster within the apartment complex and through surveillance footage, were able to link the items directly to Arroyo.


Arroyo is said to have initially stated to police that she saw someone dressed all in black with a mask flee from the back of the apartment building and drive away in a black car.  While evidently being monitored at the police station though, an officer stated he heard her say, "I killed the old lady, and I am sorry."


Arroyo appeared in court on Monday where she was ordered to be held without bond. She will be charged as an adult for stabbing Vazquez upwards of 20 times, though her defense attorney, John Geary, is not sure his client should be charged as such.


“I think you got to remember, she’s a 15-year-old. She knows she was in court. I don’t believe she knew the seriousness of what was happening,” he stated.  He has stated his intention of contacting her parents in order to get a picture of her psychiatric history, stating, “We’ve got to gather a lot of information and find out what is going on with her.”


She is due to appear back in court on October 15th for a status hearing.



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