14-year-old accused of fatally stabbing her grandmother

Officers were dispatched to a residence in Canton, Michigan shortly after 7:00 am on Monday, February 22 after a son found his mother face down in her bedroom.


Officers arrived to the scene and found 65-year-old  Cynthia Mosby deceased with signs of multiple stab wounds.


Missing from the residence was a 14-year-old girl, granddaughter of Cynthia, and daughter of the man that had found her body.  Officers tracked her to a motel approximately 20 miles from the residence in the city of Southgate.  She was taken into custody in the afternoon.


At this time, it is believed that the girl had planned the stabbing and carried it out in the morning hours of February 21, stabbing her grandmother multiple times with a kitchen knife. After the stabbing, she left the residence and checked into the motel.


The suspect, who has not been identified as she is a minor, has been charged with First-degree murder and Second-degree murder.  She is not being charged as an adult, but has been "adult designated."


The Wayne County Prosecutor that announced the charges, Kym Worthy, described the designation as a status that grants the judge greater flexibility for sentencing should the girl be convicted.


"In this case the 14-year-old girl is being adult designated because upon conviction it gives the judge the most flexibility during sentencing to provide options for rehabilitation of this very troubled youth."


At the time of the stabbing, Cynthia, a nurse, had custody of the girl.  In an off-camera interview with Click on Detroit, the father could only speculate that perhaps the motive was that his daughter had been upset with the pressure her grandmother was placing on her to focus on her education.


The girl's attorney, Jeffrey Schwartz has already requested "competency and criminal responsibility evaluations" which will take place where she remains in custody in the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility.


She will be back in court on April 15 at 1:30 pm where she will be formally arraigned on the charges if determined to be competent.