13 Year Old Charged With Stabbing Death of Grandmother

Gloria Davis, 56, of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Just after 3:30 am Monday morning, St. Petersburg Police responded to a call for a woman needing assistance.  When they arrived at the residence, they found Gloria Davis, 56, dead due to multiple stab wounds.


During the course of the investigation, police obtained probable cause to arrest her 13 year old grandson for the murder.  He has been arrested on a charge of second degree murder.  According to reports, he has never before had any reports of behavioral issues, trouble with law enforcement or trouble at school.


"He did not confess, and again, we're still trying to figure out what caused this juvenile to kill his grandmother," said Police Chief Anthony Holloway.


Police are continuing to investigate to try and establish motive. "Was it something online that he saw?" Holloway considered. "Was it something he saw on TV? They'll just try to talk to family and friends and put his life together to try to figure out how this happened."


Also in the home at the time of the stabbing was another 12 year old that was reportedly asleep at the time.


Investigators have not disclosed who placed the call to 911.