Woman that became involved in black magic dead in ‘ritual killing’

Rostov-on-Don, Russia: A woman, described as successful architect that had graduated with distinction became involved in black magic and was found dead, along with her 1-year-old daughter and a cat, on August 30.


32-year-old Elizaveta Tsarevskaya was located inside of a locked apartment in a scene that left "even hardened law enforcement officers shocked," a police officer was quoted as telling Newspaper 161.RU


Tsarevskaya was found nude, next to her daughter and a dead cat, all which appeared to have died from stab wounds.


It is believed that Tsarevskaya stabbed the cat, then her daughter three times, and finally stabbed herself in the chest.


Officers located numerous objects covered with blood strewn around the apartment which officers believed had been used for magic rituals.


Investigators spoke with her ex-husband, Artur Risin who informed them that he had not had contact with her for some time. He said that at the time he had last seen her, he had noted images of himself inside of her apartment that had been stabbed with needles covered with blood.


Rusin told officers that he was scared and believed that he was seeing signs of a mental disorder in Tsarevskaya.


Officers learned from him that while he was traveling for business Tsarevskaya had an affair and became pregnant by a man named Anton. After the birth of the girl though, Rusin said that he accepted her and helped to raise her as his own.


Anton is said to have also been involved in black magic, and her obsession with the occult led her to quit her job in architecture.


The investigation is continuing as officers are still seeking to locate Anton.