Nefarious Fashion Trends: Shoe Designers Who Sold Their Soles, Part 2

Last week, we discussed Christian Louboutin’s thousand-dollar-plus red soled shoes—a popular Hollywood accoutrement amongst the elite. This week, we will discuss something within the same genre, what Hollywood refers to as “The Red Shoe Club” (aka “Red Shoe Men,” “Tony Podesta’s Red Shoe Club,” and the “Red Shoe Pedophile Club”).

The story first broke back in December of 2017. A French newspaper, Les Echos, printed an interview with actor Macauley Culkin, who reported that Hollywood producers rape and murder celebrity children and use their skin to make shoes, boots, belts, and wallets that they display as trophies.


If you try to find the story now, it has been completely wiped from the Les Echos website and the only place you can find the story alluded to is fact-checking sites like Snopes and Wikipedia which all decry it as a conspiracy theory and say that the interview never occurred.

However, John de Nugent, in his article, “Macaulay Culkin says Hollywood child stars killed & skinned, then made into shoes! Can it be true? Mystery death at 11 of Heather O’Rourke, star of Spielberg’s Poltergeist’,” has done his homework, reverse engineering the story and laying a pretty solid case that the interview did in fact happen, and Culkin did in fact say those things. I will not rehash or plagiarize de Nugent’s research here; but feel free to read his article in its entirety HERE. Please be warned the article is graphic and may include language offensive to some readers.

“Tony Podesta is obsessed with his red shoes. There is symbolism for red shoes in the occult and it’s also tied to satanic ritualistic abuse and the trafficking of children.”
-Liz Crokin


In addition to de Nugent’s research, the website “Our Great Awakening” also delivers a brutally graphic, highly-disturbing bread crumb trail of evidence proving that Culkin’s insider information is far from conspiracy. If you’ve got the stomach for it, you can read it HERE.

The red shoes are not only worn by the perpetrators, but also the victims, as extremely disturbing “artwork” owned and displayed by Tony Podesta show. This also tends to lend some credence to the “conspiracy theory” that MK Ultra programmers use the film “The Wizard of Oz” to program their victims. (The color of the “ruby slippers” in the Frank Baum books were silver). The official Hollywood “fun fact” is that the shoes were changed from silver to red because the producers felt red looked nicer against the yellow brick road.

Artwork in Tony Podesta’s home featuring children in red shoes

Is there indeed some sort of link between elites, red shoes, and pedophilia? What about the popes? They have historically worn red shoes. In the article, “Why Do Popes Wear Red Shoes?” Stafannel B. Morris tells of Pope John Paul II, who was famous for his red shoes; whereas Pope Francis does not wear red shoes, even though red shoes are the shoes that the popes traditionally wear for walks inside the Vatican. Morris continues,

“It needs to be added that the red ones are usually described as the ones that are used to display power. The history of them is much older than the popes themselves. To be more precise, they were used in the Etruscan times when their kings used to wear red shoes in order to show their high status. They were then described as royal purple shoes. Furthermore, the emperors of Rome adopted this custom of wearing red shoes to show status as well as other aristocracy members from that period.”

Furthermore, according to Justin Deschamps, red shoes are associated with deep state Satanists. Deschamps does not claim all red shoes worn by elites are made of the flesh of their victims, but rather that red shoes are a symbol of child/human sacrifice.

“Because it is a Satanic symbol of child/human sacrifice. During the sacrificial rituals, the Satanists wear red shoes (claimed to be made of human leather) so when blood gets on the shoes, it does not show.” –Alexander Light

Fact: Bill Maher’s production company is called, “Kid Love Productions”

Now, let’s all keep a level head. Not everyone who owns or wears a pair of red shoes is a rapist, pedophile, or Satan worshipper—even amongst the elite. But at the very least, red shoes do go all the way back to antiquity and were symbols of royalty, wealth, and power. So, at the very least, it is a bold fashion statement with very specific symbolism. But, despite all the fact checking and debunking, it does seem pretty clear that though not ALL who wear red shoes are evil, there are indeed some very evil men out there, and their red shoes are not simply a fashion statement.

Tune in next week for the third and final installment of “Shoe Designers Who Sold Their Soles.”



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