Dear Church On The Corner

Dear Church on the Corner,

You pass them at the grocery store, and in your neighborhood.

They sit on the same row on Sunday, a few seats down.

They are in every town and city; in your very church.

You don’t see them, but they are there, waiting.

Waiting for someone to actually look them in the eye.

Waiting for someone that will not see them as a nuisance or burden.

Waiting for someone that will see between the carefully crafted mask they wear.

Waiting for someone to ask the right questions.

Waiting for someone that can show them that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob IS. Not just say it, but show it, live it, and know it to the point that the darkness within them reacts.

They’ve seen real power. They know there is a supernatural out there. Yet they see the church try to bury it’s head under the cushions on their comfy chairs, turn a blind eye, and just want to sing another chorus of Amazing Grace.

They’re waiting for someone to talk to; someone to believe them.

If you won’t believe the children, why would they ever expect you to believe an adult?

They’ve all heard the threats. ‘You can’t speak out, no one will believe you’ or ‘If you try to speak, we’ll kill your family.’

Yet there are those that, for their own sanity, MUST speak, come what may. The stories are out there, and more are slowly coming forward.

It’s time to stop thinking that church is a set place to experience God.

It’s time to stop acting as though the supernatural, (you know, the virgin birth, parting of the Red Sea, darkness that could be felt over Egypt for three days, a talking donkey, an iron axe head that floated, etc.,) ended with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

It’s time to stop thinking of things as being divided into “secular” and “religious.” If you are a child of God everything is to be examined through the lens of His Word and Truth. Everything.

It’s time to consider that there is a real enemy out there and that those agents have been more faithful in their “religious walk” than has been the church.

You’re called to be bold and fearless.

You’re called to take a stand and expose the darkness.

You’re called to defend the widow and orphan.

You’re called to exhibit justice and mercy.

Deaf ears and blind eyes can do none of that.