Buyers Beware!

This is a test. Look at the image below and tell me what leaps out at you.

Give up?

It’s likely the very first thing that drew your eye.

The upside-down triangle with a horizontal line running through the bottom to form a capstone is the Wiccan symbol for Earth.

According to the website Thought Catalog,

The symbol for Earth as one of the four classical elements in alchemy is an upside-down triangle with a line through it. Earth is used in rituals when a Wicca practitioner is drawing attention to the divine feminine, motherhood, growth, life, and/or nature.

The Earth symbol represents, not surprisingly, the earth; but can also symbolize nourishment, the body, endurance, and the divine feminine. The Earth symbol is used in rituals related to money, finances, and fertility.

It is likely not a coincidence that this symbol is being strategically placed onto products and/or used by companies as their logo. These things are rarely if ever, “accidental.” Furthermore, as is the case for Vosges Chocolates, which I wrote about HERE, these product logos could be indicative of products that have been blessed, infused with frequencies, prayed over, dedicated to various entities, or underwent some other type of ritual to benefit its sellers and attach to its consumers.

The immune therapy product pictured above is put out by a company called “For the Biome.” On their website, the founders share their approach to “True Holism”– We treat the mind, body, and planet as one interconnected entity, enabling you to make an impact that ripples out from you to the greater community.

The concept of interconnectedness is a Wiccan philosophy. According to the “A Witch’s Sacred Journey” blog article, “The Wiccan Path,” blogger themagickalpen writes of interconnectedness.

WICCA is considered a nature-based religion. The environment and those things that comprise the manifest world including animals, plants, minerals are considered sacred and part of the Divine web of interconnectedness. Many Wiccans are involved in environmental activities and feel it a natural part of their spiritual practice to recycle and live lightly on Mother Earth. The use and knowledge of herbs and their medicinal properties is often undertaken gladly as a study of practice, and it is not unusual to find many Wiccans attracted to professions where healing modalities can be performed. Animals are considered companions and treated with the same care, love and respect that would be afforded another human. Human and animal rights, environmental issues and preservation of our natural resources are all a focus of those following a Wiccan Path of spirituality.

Speaking of Wiccans who are attracted to professions where healing modalities can be performed, meet the founders of “For the Biome,” Paul and Barbi Schulick, who according to their website were “driven by the call to heal” and founded For the Biome to, “…awaken consciousness and spread a simple message: beauty is connection. The health of our skin and body, the balance of our minds, and the future of our planet are all connected, and in these ethers, Paul and Barbi find their dharma.

Because these products can (and very often are) involved in rituals, they can (and very often do) have a very real, physiological impact on those consuming the products – many times without their knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to be wise and discerning consumers; and we must familiarize ourselves with these symbols so we can avoid unnecessary side effects and complications of collecting or consuming products bearing these sigils.

A good overview of some of the basic Wiccan symbols can be found on Thought Catalog’s website.

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  1. My neighbor has a tire cover that’s nothing but sigils! Did some digging & found ‘vegvisir’. They also painted their fence posts black & red on top….Hmm…are my neighbors Satanists? Seems that sigils are popping up everywhere. Thanks so much for sharing this info Ms. Vee! 🙂 🙂