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Fire and Brimstone—a DVD produced by independent film maker, Tom Dunn, is an intense biographical sketch of the life of David Arthur. The film follows David, a former transgender prostitute named Paige, and his mother and brother as they recount the lascivious details of David’s sordid past. Their blatantly honest recollections piece together a jagged mosaic of miracles and misspent years.

The film follows David down haunted memory lanes—places where Paige’s high-heel footprints still permeate the pavement; and alleyways that still echo the emptiness of her heart. Public restrooms and dirty city streets groan sighs of relief as David returns to release them from the secrets they have so long kept.

David’s matter-a-fact manner when discussing his past discretions, blended with a no-holds-barred approach to discussing the hidden agenda lurking behind the LGBTQ movement creates a derecho of depth and clarity to a community of people largely overlooked and misunderstood by the general populace of pew-warming parishioners, whose mantras up to now have only been, “Turn or Burn!” or “Born that way, so it’s OK!”

Despite its bound-to-be-misunderstood title, Fire and Brimstone is a perfect balance of speaking the truth in love. The underlying message of David’s incredible testimony is not one of disgust and damnation, but rather, a message of repentance and redemption.

Fire and Brimstone is available for purchase on the Through the Black website, or by going to: To host a DVD-showing event at your church or gathering, contact David Arthur at




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